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Angela Hutchinson
Female *Age 40 Something
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Email: http://donorpride.com/contact_us.php

Michael Chiappone
Male *Age 60 something 
Vice President/Marketing/Administrator
Location: Charlotte, NC
Email: http://donorpride.com/contact_us.php

Kay D
Female *Age 60 Something
Media Analyst/Administrator
Location: Hampton Roads Va
Email: http://donorpride.com/contact_us.php

L.A. Eason
Female *Age 50 Something
Location: Charlotte, NC, Hampton Roads Va
Email: http://donorpride.com/contact_us.php

A. Brodsky de Gouttes * Age 50 Something
Professional Photographer/Marketing
Location: Paris & South of France

S.Shuping * Age 60 Something
Location: North Carolina

Thanks to:
Chuck Green/Development
Location: Ca

Mark Cowher/Administrator
Web Development/Group
Location: Charlotte, NC

Dan Hillard/PHP Net Coding
Location: Texas

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