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Based on the beauty of knowing your Donor/Recipient. Evaluate them for yourself. View Photos, Baby Photos, Physical Characteristics, Life History, Family History and General Health. Correspond, using your own judgment to "know best" who you are getting. Save loads of money.

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Change Our Future...We can change the deterioration of our society.
Conception through unknown donors can affect generations to come. Considering the number of conceptions from the usage of a single sperm/egg donor, the likelihood of future inbreeding will increase. Not having the invaluable knowledge of knowing who our half brothers and sisters are will most likely result in birth defects in growing generations to come.

You make the judgment of your Donors/Recipients abilities:
Unfortunately, sperm, embryo banks, nor do we have a test for mental capacity. Many men and women can walk into a place (Heterosexual or Gay) and describe themselves as having good genes and being mentally stable. The reality is, how we portray ourselves is not entirely known.

Egg Donors:
You can give someone a gift by becoming an egg donor. There are couples who desperately want a child. Correspond personally instead of having a third party involved. Any person or persons who have interests in you becoming their egg donor, surrogate or sperm donor, or any details on the clinical location in which your recipient would like for you to go is handled between you and your seeker. There are all kinds of people looking for a particular look, knowledge and characteristics.

Looking for an Egg Donor?
This is a time when it may be a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.You have the advantage of having all the eggs from the egg donor retrieval. Have you ever thought about giving to your egg donor instead of paying all that money to use a third party? Many infertile couples seek out their donor personally and fertilize all the eggs before freezing them. That way, you are able to have them anytime you want. The eggs become yours. You basically own them! You are probably very aware of how extremely expensive it is to obtain eggs from a bank or agent. The egg donors are paid a smidgen after their eggs are retrieved compared to the amount of money a bank sells those eggs for. Remember, your other advantage is that you get to evaluate your egg donor, using your own judgment.

Sperm for conception:
There are many wonderful men who are very eager to have a child and would be more than happy to help out with the costs, or even insist on covering all cost of inseminations for the opportunity to become a Father/Co-Parent. Children want to know their donor Father and with every right to! Take the opportunity to open new doors of communication and accomplishing together, as well as options to search for ones who are willing to sign over their parental rights to you. This is a way to excel personal growth and development, making your world a joy for living!

A lot of women who order through sperm banks end up deciding to adopt a child because their funds have run out after the costs of sperm delivery and several inseminations and still no pregnancy.

If you`re one who has been ordering from sperm banks and not becoming pregnant, wondering if there is anything else you can do to heighten your chances, you may want to think about this...

Your Donor's pheromones can help you conceive:
Pheromones play an important but hidden part in a woman's fertility. This hormone is secreted from under the arm of the Male sweat gland and has been shown to stimulate the woman's luteal phase. The luteal phase is the day after ovulation and runs through the remainder of a woman's cycle. It is also frequently referred to as "days past ovulation." During the luteal phase, a woman produces progesterone, increasing her temperature. This higher temperature acts like an incubator which is important in maturing a fertilized egg if conception has occurred. A normal luteal phase is approximately 12-16 days and needs to be at least 10 days for implantation to take place. A short luteal phase can cause fertility problems making it difficult for a woman to become pregnant. Studies show that chemicals in men's bodies can cause their female partner to be more fertile after regularly inhaling the male essence. We might normally call this essence male sweat or natural body odor. For example: Men trying to impregnate their spouse should NOT use underarm antiperspirants.

In a scientific study, this male essence or pheromone was swabbed three times a week under the nose of several women whose cycles typically lasted less than 26 days or more than 33 days, which is a lower fertility. By the third month of treatment, the average length of the women's cycles approached the optimum of 29.5 days. This cycle length is associated with the highest fertility. So, exposing yourself to the essence of your donor can very well enhance your chances. You might say that exposure to pheromones is the essence of acceptance, and helps promote reproductive health. Women who order from sperm banks sometimes switch to another sperm bank donor, thinking she may not be compatible with the donor when she doesn't become pregnant. Pheromones are another sense of introduction, so getting to know your donor on a more in-depth level is all worth while.

Choosing your child's next of kin:
Some men and women may choose a donor or recipient because, in his or her profile, this person looks intelligent, confident, good looking, in medical school, in law school. There are all kinds of smarts... book smarts, life smarts, inventiveness smarts, artistic smarts, communication smarts, athletic smarts. But donít overlook the need to scratch beyond the surface and know the importance of heart and soul smarts. What is important is to know who this person is and what this person's demeanor is all about. Remember, the born child will carry 23 chromosomes from the Mother and 23 chromosomes from the Father, which convey hereditary characteristics. Whether you choose a high school drop out who is a Mozart, or a Doctorate who likes playing tic tac toe, You make the choice regarding your childís next of kin.

Some people think that gay people will have gay babies. There are all kinds of heterosexuals having gay children and all kinds of gay couples having heterosexual children. No scientific consensus exists as to how biology influences sexual orientation. Homosexuality has existed since ancient times and will continue to exist regardless of our nature. Many gay men have confessed to donating their sperm to sperm banks, in the hope of having a child out there "somewhere" that he helped bring into this world. Most sperm banks are not able to bring to light, the portion of their donors who are gay nor do some of them wish to make this known.

Knowing your biological parents:
We see adults everyday suffering emotionally, wondering who their biological parent may be and not having pictures to hand down from their biological parent and his/her ancestors. Many donors are never found or are no longer living by the time the child/ren have the chance to search on their own. Also, many recipients do not report their pregnancies. There are Mothers today trying to find their child's donor. There are children today questioning their mothers on why they chose that path. If you were born through a sperm/embryo bank, would you want to know who your biological parents are?

There are Lesbian couples who've had relentless counts of artificial inseminations to conceive a child with only "one" being the biological parent. Unfortunately for some, when couple's end a relationship, it is the child's welfare that is commonly the main concern in the end. There are many wonderful non-biological Parents who take on the responsibilities of parenthood regardless of relationship issues, but this site gives you range.

  • There are many ways to achieve what you are searching for and this is a great way to know, using your own discretion on who you have as a Donor/Recipient/Parent.
  • You have the opportunity to offer the gift to your born Child/ren of knowing who their biological donor is.
  • You have a choice in making your own decisions.
  • You have a choice in changing the outcome of our generations.

Best wishes on your journey.


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